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Alrad Imaging
Alrad Imaging will show a variety of CCD and CMOS cameras for use in Scientific and Industrial applications. A high dynamic range InGaAs SWIR camera will be featured. Megapixel Lenses and High Intensity LED lighting will complete the Imaging products offer.
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CASIX celebrates 25 Years of optics manufacture this year.  We focus on manufacturing high quality crystals, precision optics components and optical sub-assemblies in optical communications, commercial lasers, instrumentation, surveying & scanning and medical markets. Casix now offers high damage threshold coatings for high power laser optics.
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Delta Optical Thin Film
Delta Optical Thin Film is a world-leading manufacturer of optical thin film coatings with more than fifty years of experience. In the 1960s, Delta pioneered optical monitoring techniques to control deposition. With its unique & advanced optimisation software to match customers’ particular optical specifications, Delta Optical Thin Film ensures a fast & efficient design process.
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Imaging & Machine Vision Europe
Europe's only dedicated magazine for design and production engineers working in the scientific imaging and machine vision market.
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Lambda Photometrics
Lambda Photometrics are a leading supplier of characterisation, measurement and analysis equipment. Representing world leading manufacturers and providing full consultation & application support, we specialise in laser systems & accessories, optical metrology & IR test, microscopy, spectroscopy, vision systems, fibre optics, scientific instrumentation and electronic test & measurement solutions.
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Laser Components (UK) Ltd
We supply optoelectronics-related components for the creation, guidance and detection of light.  We serve a range of industries - laser industry, medical, military and automotive.   As a manufacturer, we specialise in delivering custom solutions.
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Stemmer Imaging
Stemmer Imaging will have a multi-camera demonstration of very high-resolution cameras. Other camera technologies being demonstrated will include smart cameras, multi-camera compact vision systems and near infrared (NIR) cameras. Important imaging components such as lasers, LED lighting and high-resolution lenses will also be on show.
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Hyperspectral Imaging on this stand


The UKIVA’s seminar program will keep existing and potential users of vision up to date with the latest technology and the breadth of vision capabilities across many different disciplines and industries. Visitors to the stand can also learn more about the benefits of UKIVA membership.
updated: 02-Feb-2017
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