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VISION UK is dedicated to vision in the factory, on the production line, in the science field and includes applications, components, instruments and systems - all things that utilise cameras.

This this is a key event for vision and technology in the UK.

VISION UK provides you with the opportunity to meet top suppliers that can help design your systems. They can introduce you to technologies that can automate parts of your production line to benefit your role and improve the accuracy of your work. Meeting like-minded individuals within the same sector can open your eyes to a wealth of possibilities.

The VISION UK event will bring top supplier companies, educational seminars and presentations together all under one roof.

Vision/imaging technology, machine vison and factory automation will all feature in this year's event

Vision UK is a place to solve your business problems, come and learn how to utilise vision in your factory; amongst the exhibitors there will be someone to answer any vision, sensing, remote sensing or light based technology questions and explain what techniques will be suitable for your application.

Vision UK is supported by the UK Industrial Vision Association

The UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association) underpins Vision UK with a strong technical and application orientated programme “Industrial Vision Works! – techniques and the application of imaging technologies”. Learn how to adopt industrial vision solutions for your process – increase reliability and product quality at this day-long meeting.

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