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A comment after last year's show:

"I met many companies that are experts in my field of interest (vision systems), that I did not even know existed." Darren Tyrrell, Denso Marston

Vision UK is all about components and systems for applications in industry and science. Vision UK is not only for component manufacturers but also it is a forum for system suppliers and integrators.

Cutting edge advances in camera and imaging technology: Scientific, industrial, low light and night vision, thermal imaging, target acquisition, observation systems, sensors and more...

Industrial Inspection

There will be companies showing their approach to IR imaging for inspection and for defence applications. Industrial applications include examples such as unwanted hot spots and predictive maintenance.

Industrial imaging | Machine vision | Factory automation | Inspection | Science and more...


VISION UK provides you with the opportunity to meet top suppliers that can help design your systems. They will introduce you to technologies that can automate parts of your production line to improve the reliability and performance of your production process.


VISION UK includes identification, sorting, automation and bar coding. Great components and effective system integration is essential to the development of a successful vision system for your process.


Meet specialists who can open your eyes to a wealth of possibilities.

- New feature this year: Direct part marking.

Discover the difference – in suppliers and technologies.

- Latest scientific imaging solutions – advanced imaging, bio-imaging, hyperspectral, laser imaging, microscopy (TIRF, Super-resolution), thermal imaging and more...
- Attend Industrial Vision Works – professional development and training seminars by the UK’s trade organisation UKIVA.

Scientific Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging, single cell imaging, deep tissue imaging, microscopy, Raman microscopy, a host of technologies will be discussed. 2-Photon Microscopy, AFM - Atomic Force Microscopy, Cryo Stages, Illumination, Microscopes, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Scanning Probe Microscopes, Thermal Microscopy, Thermal Stages, Warm Stages.


See Sony on EG Electronics Stand D30

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